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The project has been approved by a rigorous Ethics Committee of SWPS University, which means that the surveys you will take are professional, meet all ethical and academic standards, and ensure a necessary privacy policy and secure data collection system.


We are a Polish-American team of scientists from two renowned research institutes: College of William and Mary, VA, USA, and SWPS University in Warsaw and Poznan. We are connected by a common goal: to conduct professional, non-commercial scientific studies and share evidence-based papers, articles and reports with anyone who is interested.The project has received major funding from the National Science Center, having been considered socially important, innovative and ground-breaking.



Despite the increased attention vegetarianism and related topics (e.g., reducing meat consumption) have received in the media, surprisingly little is known about vegetarianism and related topics. We are working with leading Polish organizations such as ProVeg, Viva Vege! and Roślinniejemy to increase the understanding of vegetarianism and people’s attitudes toward food in general. Your participation in the surveys we offer will provide much needed knowledge about these topics. As research scientists, we cannot advocate for specific causes or policies. Nevertheless, the information we collect can be used by organizations to help them develop their policies and practices, and we hope organizations find the information you provide to be useful.

We believe that good science can help people make good decisions. 



What makes people want to become - and remain - vegetarian?

What is important for them?

How are they doing in life?

When does a vegetarian diet become a lifestyle?

How does it affect people’s lives in all areas?

What arguments work for people who are trying to reduce meat in their diet?



These are some of the important questions we are asking about the community of Polish vegetarians. The questions that still - for now - remain unanswered. Any studies that have attempted to answer them were directed at a general population, in which vegetarians constitute only around 9%. From a scientific perspective, it is not enough to draw valid conclusions.


This is why we are creating the first-ever Polish Vegetarian Panel - a base of all Polish vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians, reducetarians and anyone who has ever thought about reducing the amount of meat in their diet - and anybody else! We want to reach tens of thousands of you, and ask you various questions that we find crucial. Your answers will allow us to get to know the community better.

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